Arcana Strategic is for people that are looking to start up their business and/or small business owners who want to streamline their business.


Arcana Strategic encourages businesses owners and people wanting to start their first wellness business, supporting them to develop the essential business skills vital to build and operate a sustainable, substantial and successful business.


Our mission is to guide you build a enterprise that delivers solid returns on investment and provides relevance in a vibrant consumer setting.


Arcana Strategic - the ultimate business system for the future of all business owners worldwide.


We look to what delivers success to  industry professionals and give you the solid bedrock structure to grow your business. This is what is missing so desperately in the wellness industry today. We let you work on your unique talents and passions - you choose the way you want to do business and thrive.


We provide you with the tools needed in business to give you peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on what really makes your heart beat and what you get out of bed for.


We provide all the tools to get you started in your dream business from start to finish with all the support that you need to grow and flow.


Part 1

  • Business Start-up Checklist
  • Business Structures
  • Financial Structures for Tax minimisation | Asset Protection
  • Legal Structure
  • Financial Planning


Part 2

  •   Business Planning
  •   Business Plan | Strategic Plan | Business Blueprint
  •   Budget | Forecast
  •   Cash-flow Projection
  •   Taking Payments - Payment Gateways 


Part 3

  •   Ideal Customers
  •   Know your Customer Avatar


Part 4

  •   CRM 
  •   Task Management Systems
  •   Database
  •   Sales Funnel
  •   Invoice
  •   Email Marketing 


Part 5

  •   Technology
  •   Secure online cloud Data Storage 
  •   Graphic Design made easy 
  •   Website Creation and Hosting 
  •   Online Operations 
  •   Time tracking


Part 6

  •   The Customer Experience


Part 7

  •   Events
  •   Designing Retreats | Workshops | Seminars | Key Note Speaking
  •   Event Ticketing 
  •   Online Programs - Course Platforms 


Part 8

  •   Marketing
  •   Branding
  •   Newsletter Creation 
  •   Webinars 
  •   Press and Media
  •   Blogging
  •   Video | TV Shows/Channel 
  •   Write a Book
  •   Podcasting 
  •   Social Media 
  •   Managing and Scheduling Social Media 


Part 9

  •   HR
  •   HR Tactics & Solutions
  •   VA Sourcing and Integration (Delegation) (working smart not hard) (saving time)


Part 10

  •   Anti-Burn Out Strategies
  •   Destressing Strategies for Business Challenges
  •   Mindset for Success






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